Songs For the Jewish-American Jet Set

  • Songs For the Jewish-American Jet Set: The Tikva Records Story 1950-1973


    The album is a curated collection of the best of Tikva Records, the flagship independent Jewish record label of 20th century America. Founded in 1947, Tikva’s catalog was wide-ranging; everything from Israeli folk songs to Jewish-American swing, from klezmer pop to cantorial singing, from Catskills comedy to key political speeches of Jewish leaders- and it became something of a “Jewish Motown”, home to the Jewish music world’s biggest names. This album celebrates the label’s sound and the stories behind it.

    The album features tracks by Leo FuldLeo FuchsMartha SchlammeMarty Levitt, and others, including our signature extensive liner notes with an introduction by legendary Sire Records founder, Seymour Stein.

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    Leo Fuld, “Mazzel”

    Bernie Knee, “Orthodox, Conservative, or Reformed”

    The Sabras, “Ho Yaldonet”

    Jo Amar, “Ani Ladodi”

    Sara Aviani and Her Yemenite Trio, “Weep No More”

    Leo Fuchs, “Yiddish-Twist”

    Avram Grobard, “Orcha Bamidbar”

    Sam Musiker, “Shers”

    Jack Brass, “Sherele”

    Marty Levitt and Harriet Kane, “I’m a Litvak – He’s a Galitz”

    Miriam Kressyn and Seymour Rexite, “It’s So Nice to Have a Man Around the House”

    The Yemenite Trio, “Kaduri on the Haliel”

    Bernie Knee, “Passover Time on the Range”

    Sara Aviani and Her Yemenite Trio, “Esperanza”

    Martha Schlamme, “Eingmachts”

    The Epstein Brothers, “Freilach #11”

    Moishe Oysher, “Balkan Rhapsody”

    Leo Fuchs, “Shalom Pardner”

    Jo Amar, “L’Oriental”

    Leo Fuld, “Zigany Melody”


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