Hedva Amrani

  • Hedva Amrani started her career in the late 60’s as part of the world-famous duo ”Hedva and David.” Together they made it to the top in Israel, recorded many albums, and traveled throughout the world representing Israel.

    In 1970 the duo won the 1st Yamaha Song Festival in Tokyo, Japan, with the song “I Dream of Naomi”(Ani Cholem Al Naomi) which sold over a million copies in Japanese, and from than on Japan became a second home for Hedva and David.

    In the late 70’s, Hedva launched her solo career and had many hits. Her song “In One Heart” (Salam Aleikum) established Hedva as one of Israel’s most beloved singers. This hit was followed by “The Two of Us” (Shneinu Yachdav) and many more. Remarkably, since the early days of her career, Hedva’s songs are played daily on Israel’s radio stations and heard throughout the country.

    Hedva divides her time almost equally between Israel and the United States and is a frequent guest artist on Israel television, radio and stage. She continues to write songs, record albums and perform.

    Hedva performed at the Idelsohn Society Jews on Vinyl Revue at the Skirball Cultural Center.

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