Tikva Records Shoppers in Their Own Words

December 25th, 2011 | Jewlia Eisenberg | No Comments | Categories: Blog, Events, Tikva Records

  • I’ve always wanted to work in a record store. In the original fantasy, I’m rocking a mohawk, combat boots, and a DIY ball gown featuring a T-shirt from X’s Under the Big Black Sun.

    So … this is not that store. This is Tikva, where I get to spin mid-century Jewish vinyl all day. Here we turn people on to Jo Amar, have critical conversations about diaspora culture, swoon over cantorial divas, and sing along with Yiddish workers’ choruses.

    Some people know the records by heart and others are neophytes but dig the covers and want to hear the groovy sounds. It’s been great to learn more about this music every time someone opens the door off Mission. I take pictures of people who buy music in the store and want to say a few words about it.

    If you want to check out other folks’ words, follow me on Twitter at @CharmingHostess, or check under the Twitter #TikvaStore hashtag.

    You should come by and visit, also — be a part of the eternal commentary! Here are some of the people who have stopped by:

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