Noshing Kosher in the Outer Mission

December 1st, 2011 | Eric Searleman | 2 Comments | Categories: Blog, Events, Tikva Records

  • The Tikva Records store and event series throughout December will draw a wide range of attendees. And for those who, given its Jewish cultural focus, are looking for a decent Kosher repast, it seemed helpful to provide a street guide. These aren’t kosher delis, mind you — there isn’t a solid pastrami sandwich to be found on this list, or to our knowledge in the immediate vicinity after dark. But for those who adhere to the ritual laws, there is plenty to choose from in the area surrounding Tikva.

    While Jewish history is ingrained in San Francisco history, kosher cuisine hasn’t exactly made its mark here, especially in the Mission. Still, Dolores Park was once a Jewish cemetery — at least until all the dead people were kicked out of San Francisco. Joshua Abraham Norton was the self-proclaimed Emperor of the United States. Levi Strauss built a clothing empire based out of his Mission District headquarters. Adolf Sutro lent his surname to various landmarks around town, including the tower that lords over the city. And, of course, there’s Harvey Milk.

    But you can’t fill a stomach with history. So, what exactly, if not kosher then at least kosher-friendly, is available among the taquerias and panaderias?

    Tikva Records is located at 3191 Mission St. (between Valencia St and Powers Ave). Here’s what’s recommended nearby:

    OLD JERUSALEM is a restaurant that features “the taste of the Holy Land.” Proffering a menu of Mediterranean delights, this place will please anyone looking for a proper nosh. We especially like the falafel and the lentil soup. The interior is well worn but the staff is ever cheerful and accommodating. Eat in or take out.
    2976 Mission St.
    (415) 642-5958
    oldjerusalemsf.com (and at yelp.com)

    SEMIRAMIS IMPORTS is a small Middle Eastern grocery store with a lot of charm. We love the olive bar and the fresh halva. And we couldn’t leave without buying a jar of “Super Performance” honey with nuts, suggested for “everyone who wants to be young with a strong mind and nerves for every old man who dreams to have his youth back.”
    2990 Mission St.
    (415) 824-6555
    on yelp.com

    GOOOD FRIKIN’ CHICKEN is the place to go if open flame chicken, hummus, kenafeh, and Turkish coffee sound like a hearty meal. Cheap and consistently excellent (thus the extra “o” in “good”), this Mediterranean mainstay gets the highest Tikva Records recommendation. Eat in or take out, but don’t leave the premises without loading up on the homemade garlic dip.
    10 29th St.
    (415) 970-2428
    gfcsf.com (on yelp.com)

    KEANE’S 3300 CLUB is “San Francisco’s favorite dive bar.” For over 50 years, this corner watering hole has serviced the neighborhood with its generous selection of tap beers and regularly irregular poetry readings.
    3300 Mission St.
    (415) 826-6886
    3300club.com (on yelp.com)

    CAFFEINATED COMICS, across the street from Tikva Records, is “the only comic book store and coffee shop in San Francisco.” Sit down for some freshly brewed coffee (and a tasty dessert) and catch up on the adventures of Kal-Elwitz, the most famous übermenschen under the yellow sun.
    3188 Mission St.
    (415) 829-7530
    caffcom.com (on yelp.com)

    MITCHELL’S ICE CREAM isn’t recommended for lunch (although the ice cream sandwiches are pretty darn good). But it is a big part of the San Francisco foodie circuit. If the waffle bowl sundae or the homemade eggnog doesn’t distract you, grab a half-gallon of Irish Coffee ice cream to go. You won’t regret it.
    688 San Jose Ave.
    (415) 648-2300.
    mitchellsicecream.com (on yelp.com)

    SAFEWAY is nearby, but it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t reserve any shelf space specifically for Jewish food. There’s nothing for the tribe here except kosher dill pickles. Bubbie wouldn’t be pleased.
    4950 Mission St.
    (415) 587-7200.
    safeway.com (on yelp.com)

    And, needless to say, if you have additional suggestions, don’t be shy. That’s what the comments section below is for. Oh, and Tikva Records is also on yelp.com.

    (Image of kosher symbols from kosherfood.about.com. Kosher dill photo by Lisa B, via a Creative Commons license, from flickr.com.)

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  • NB 12.01.2011

    Though Old Jerusalem does offer Middle eastern food, it shouldn’t be under the title “kosher in the outer Mission”. It is halal. I hope there will be a kosher restaurant in the Mission , so far the closest is Sabra by the Chinatown.

  • Not trying to be too picky here, but this isn’t the “Outer Mission” neighborhood, which is the specific name of another SF ‘hood. This is La Lengua! https://www.google.com/search?gcx=c&q=la+lengua%2C+sf

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