Let Us Rejoice (And Rock Out): The Jews On Vinyl Revue

May 7th, 2009 | admin | No Comments | Categories: Blog, Press

  • As the 93-year-old pianist and the Korean singer launched into a high-octane take on “Hava Nagilah,” the sold-out crowd went wild, swaying, shimmying and stomping to the beat. Was this another one of those weird dreams I have whenever I drink too much Concord wine? No, it was the Jews On Vinyl Revue at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, featuring Irving Fields and Johnny Yune.

    Being at the museum on this night was like being in a bizarre parallel universe, where Irving Fields was a household name and Johnny Yune wasn’t a pop-culture footnote from the ’70s but an acknowledged master of Jewish song. Which still didn’t make the presence of former Dodger third baseman Ron Cey at the event any more explicable. But really, how much of the evening made sense, anyway? Best to simply down another complimentary cosmo, tuck into an hors d’oeuvre or two and roll with the punches.

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