And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of Our Vinyl

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  • MARCO WERMAN: I’m Marco Werman. This is The World. At sundown tonight Hanukkah begins which means we can play great Hanukkah music like … . No don’t worry we’re not going to hear the dreidel song. Let’s listen instead to some music that often gets overlooked.


    That would be none other than Motown greats The Temptations doing their version of the Fiddler on the Roof overture. So Roger Bennett you tell us how come no one ever talks about The Temptations [INDISCERNIBLE] music?

    ROGER BENNETT: I think that’s a lot down to the triumph of Barry, Barbara, and Neil that would be Manalo, Streisand, and of course Neil Diamond, the Holy Trinity of Jewish musicians who kind of define what Jewish music is for a generation like myself who grew up after a time when Jews had mostly left the city, entered the suburbs, and moved very quickly from tradition to modernity. And all their careers, all the Jewish music, and the musicians on whose shoulders they were kind of standing all of those guys were written out of history. And our job, the Idelsohn Society is to reclaim them and reinsert them into the present.

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