JEWS ON VINYL to Rock Los Angeles

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  • We are delighted to announce that our exhibit JEWS ON VINYLwhich was developed in partnership with the amazing Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco is moving to Los Angeles in 2010. More details to come, but the exhibit which has had over 60,000 attendees at the CJM will be leaping into the Skirball Cultural Center and we could not be more honored. Below is a letter which was forwarded to us by the CJM’s maestro, Connie Wolf. Please note, it is real. Our mothers did not write it, but it is exactly why we started the Idelsohn Society in the first place.

    Dear Connie,

    My family and I visited the museum today, we are members and this was my 3rd visit, my daughter’s 2nd and my husband’s 4th. We really have a thing for the Jews on Vinyl exhibit. What I particularly like is how alive it is, it is different every time because we catch a different part of the music cycle, we are with different friends or family and there are different people present in the room with us. Today was another reminder of how special this exhibit truly is as my daughter thumbed through record covers than relaxed on the couch. A multiracial couple listened to headphones while she sat on his lap. Two women sang along to Tumbalalika (in russian? yiddish?) to a grandchild.

    I know this show has been held over twice, what about making it a permanent exhibit right there in that fabulous room?

    We are delighted to be members, the museum is fabulous.

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