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  • Tracking Jewish History Through Vinyl Albums

    November 21st, 2008 | Blog, Press, Sol Zim | admin | No Comments

    A new book documents American Jewish history in an unusual way — through vinyl album covers.

    Authors Roger Bennett and Josh Kun wrote And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Our Vinyl, which details Jewish vinyl album covers they have collected over the years. Jewish, in these terms, includes everything from the prolific …

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  • Funny, It Doesn’t Sound Jewish

    August 21st, 2005 | Blog, God Is a Moog, Press | admin | No Comments

    In 1973, Gershon Kingsley was invited to perform at a convention of cantors at Grossinger’s, the Catskills retreat for midcentury Jews of a certain station. Mr. Kingsley, a pioneer of the Moog synthesizer, listened as the cantors lamented the increasing commercialization of Jewish music and the creeping influence of rock ‘n’ roll. And then, with …

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