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  • Black Sabbath: Musical History of Jews, Blacks

    September 2nd, 2010 | Black Sabbath, Blog, Press | admin | No Comments

    The alternately fraught and affectionate history of Jews and African Americans is one of those cultural intersections that seems so well traversed there can’t be much new to say on the topic. But hearing Johnny Mathis croon “Kol Nidre,” the lamenting Aramaic prayer that opens Judaism’s most solemn and holy service on Yom Kippur, suddenly …

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  • Johnny Mathis Honored at Skirball Show

    August 20th, 2010 | Blog, Fred Katz, Hedva Amrani, Sol Zim | admin | No Comments

    Last night was a magical evening for all of us at the Idelsohn Society. We were honored to honor the legendary Johnny Mathis, who became the first performer to enter the Idelsohn Society’s Canyon of Heroes due to his 1958 recording of the Yom Kippur opener, Kol Nidre. Mathis referred to the song which was …

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  • Hanukkah Mix 2009

    Hanukkah Mix 2009

    December 10th, 2009 | Avram Grobard, Blog, Mixtapes | admin | No Comments

    In honor of the holiday season, we are proud to offer this little mix of music culled from our various albums, archives and projects. There’s plenty of choice old-school tracks mixed in with new school Idelsohn exclusives like the re-mix of the Yemenite Trio by Soulico’s DJ Sabbo. Songs from Lionel Hampton and Marlena Shaw …

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  • The Fast is Over

    September 30th, 2009 | Black Sabbath, Blog | admin | No Comments

    Ok. we are a little late on this one. In honor of Yom Kippur which took place last Monday, we proudly present this masterful rendition of the opening prayer Kol Nidre by none other than Mr. Johnny Mathis, who mastered Aramaic to add this tune to his 1958 release “Good Night, Dear Lord.” We played …

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